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Rikka the architect

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Soulmate Rikka

Rikka is the architect of Anime Metaverse. A young lady who loves to read, create, and wants to be seen just like everybody else. Her interest lies in creating new structures, spaces, and architecture that would redefine lifestyle in more ways than one.

Rikka becomes the best version of herself when she’s with her friends, a crew they call ‘Verses’. A natural-born leader, she guides and protects her little sisters the best way she can, and in return, they love and respect her just as much. Rikka’s assertiveness as a leader and aspiration to build something worthwhile propels her to architect Anime Metaverse: a space accessible to everyone who wants to try new things and embark on a journey filled with exciting adventures.

Minami the socialite

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Soulmate Minami

Minami is a free-spirited, happy-go-lucky type of gal. A young lady with a great sense of humour, roof-high confidence, always seeing the goodness in people and is a true fashionista.

Now a successful social media influencer through her beauty, make-up, and fashion vlogs, Minami is gearing up to launch her first ‘Vixenous’ store- an adult shop with an ongoing slogan ‘Pick your Poison’. She’s spontaneous and the Verses’ sexy clown. Most of the happiest and wildest escapades of the group can be credited to Minami’s efforts. That’s also why she’s the go-to pal when one gets stuck making choices or decisions. She makes even the most mundane of things interesting.

Saki the producer

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Soulmate Saki

A musical prodigy- that is Saki. Young as she is, Saki had already won several producing awards in the Japanese music industry, mostly with songs she’s written for Kumi. Music is her passion and salvation.

Amongst the member of ‘Verses’, Saki is closest to Kumi. This is because they work together and share the same interests. While Saki produces beautiful melodies, Kumi pens the most relatable lyrics. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. And as a young boss, Saki values honesty and integrity and does her best to inspire others. She stands up for what is right and never falters in the face of opposition. Saki is the kind of person that will go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around her.

Kumi the guide

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Soulmate Kumi

If you are looking for an idol to swoon over, Kumi is your girl. Dubbed a total performer in the J-pop industry, she can sing, dance, act, and is a certified model too. She’s become a household name in the industry despite only performing for three years. In addition, she works hard to help elevate her family’s way of living.

Kumi can only be her true self when she’s with her crew, the ‘Verses’. Together, they are known as the IT girls of Japan, and Kumi treasures her friends with all her heart. With them, she can be clumsy, sing out of tune, misstep, and can even look ugly without being judged.

Kyoko the enchantress

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Soulmate Kyoko

Kyoko is your typical bookworm. Perfectionist to a fault, she makes sure to do well in everything she does. She dreams of becoming the top Cosmetic Surgeon in all of Japan someday.

Hailing from a family of doctors, she constantly compares herself to her other siblings, who are now thriving in the field of medicine. And while her family gives her all the support and time she needs, Kyoko constantly berates and pushes herself to become exceptional, which tends to result negatively. Her one salvation is being with her friends, the ‘Verses’. Most of the time, they ground her and chide her grown-up antics. However, Kyoko’s friends never forget to remind her that she is a young lady who should be enjoying life meant for her age. She thanks the universe for having found such a thoughtful and loving clique.